Resolve common AIR issues

Right now this simple help (on this blog) will try to resolve common user issues related to Adobe AIR.If you are facing with problems on AIR runtime (or application) installation, application launch or other issues, then its a good place to resolve it.

AIR isn’t officially supported on 64-bit linux distributions, but there are workarounds available to make it work there.

So first point will be:

1. You are facing problems in installation

a. check if your linux is 64-bit:

if its Ubuntu 64-bit:

read here for complete installation help:

if its FC10 64-bit

This page might help you:

else (some other 64-bit OS):

read here for help:

b. your linux is 32-bit, follow these commands

i. give execution permissions to AdobeAIRInstaller.bin,by executing: chmod +x Desktop/AdobeAIRInstaller.bin, on terminal

ii. Launch the installer by double clicking on it, follow the instructions and complete the installation

second point is:

2. You are facing problems in/after upgrading AIR runtime/application from alpha/beta (unreleased versions) to newer versions.

Read here for resolutions:

Here is a detailed step by step buide to install AIR on ubuntu (though mostly it will work for other linux distributions too):

Here is a video showing the install of AIR on Ubuntu:

If these links don’t help you, please file a bug along with steps at:

If you would like to see help on other AIR problems too, please add a comment. Thanks.


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